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Aley, Jeff A

Hi Andy,


               Good question – and probably one that other people also have. 


Step 1. Go to the page for RealSTMFC.  It is at .

Step 2. Make sure you’re logged in.  In the upper right corner, you should see your name.  If you do see your name, you’re logged in; if you don’t see your name, I think you’ll see some kind of login button.

Step 3.  Find the Search button.  Make sure you’ve selected “Messages” at the left, and then you should be able to Search.


See the attached picture for details.





-Jeff Aley

Deputy Moderator, RealSTMFC



From: <> On Behalf Of Andy Carlson
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Subject: [RealSTMFC] Search STMFC question




I am reminded often that we can search for previous STMFC,io posts on subjects of our interest. Tonight I tried to find a search engine on the home page. I could not find one.


I admit to be at near the bottom of the curve when it comes to computer savvy skills. My search was inspired this week with a short thread about scale board groove gaps for model train single sheathed freight cars. I seem to recall that both the MDC and Walthers products of 50' single sheathed auto box cars came out originally close to the same time. I also seem to remember that Richard Hendrickson mentioned the prototype for the Walthers car was thought to be non existent.


Is the Walthers car close to any North American prototype? I admire the boards on the Walthers cars and feel them to be nicely done with the groove exagerations held in check. In particular, is there any chance for an easy kit bash into something real?


Any help here is appreciated, Stay safe, friends!

-Andy Carlson

Ojai CA