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Earlier on the year there was a photo on this list of a WP flat car with a load of Birchfield boilers.  A gentleman on the list alerted me to models of these boilers from a company called Multi Scale Digital.  We exchanged several emails and I am afraid I have lost the contact.

I have obtained a little more information and I hope that he might contact me.

Bill Pardie
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At first glance, this looks like a USRA gondola, but it isn't. Dreadnaught ends were developed later and the Frisco USRA coal gons were originally in the 85000-85999 series.

This car might be a USRA-derived clone that was built later in the 1920s with the dreadnaught ends, or an original car has been rebuilt with the dreadnaught ends and renumbered. I don't know enough about the Frisco freigh car fleet to make a definitive statement.

Eric Hansmann
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Looks to me that the photo may have been taken on account of the upper layers sliding a little too freely, especially the far stack.




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Large close up of loaded gondola, Chicago, late 40’s.

Dave Nelson


It occurred to me I never mentioned I have decals for the Birchfield boilers. Contact me at jerryglow at comcast dot net