MEC Rebuilt ARA boxcar - Speedwitch Kit

Paul Bizier


Thanks - very helpful. This will let me get the underframe detailed and wrap up this kit!

Paul Bizier

James Brewer


I pulled this kit from my stash (stockpile is more like it) to look at the instructions, which consist of 4 double sided sheets. I've attached a scan of the third page for you; note on the second photo from the top, left hand side, the location of the reservoir and AB valve are shown in black silhouette; It appears these components are located on the MEC car in the space under the door.  Hope this helps.

Jim Brewer

Paul Bizier

I'm putting together one of Ted's MEC rebuilt boxcar kits.  The directions have pictures of the brake layout, but the instructions say that the layout is for LNE cars, and that the differences for MEC cars are noted on the photos.  Unfortunately, they don't appear to be noted on the instructions I have...

Does anyone have a layout for the brakes for the MEC cars?

Thanks in advance,
Paul Bizier