Roma wine cars converted from PFE refers

David Turner

According to the PFE book by Tony Thompson (page 83),  in 1929 100 PFE R-30-5 and -6 cars were changed to steel cast trucks. Then in 1933-35, 41 of them were sold to California Dispatch Line (CDLX 277-317) for conversion to interior tanks for wine service. Several were leased to Roma Wine Co.

Does anyone know what car numbers were leased to Roma Wine Co?

Thank you for any assistance,

David Turner

Jay Styron

I have several of the RC models of these cars.  Three that came to hand were: CDLX 294 and 298 for Roma, and a Fruit Industries car No. 313.  I have others, also, probably from a years-ago swap meet binge..  These cars do not appear in my 1955 Tank Car Tariff book, so were gone by then. Maybe someone has an earlier tariff that still lists these cars. At least this may point you to the right number series.

There is a Stanley Borden photo on page 171 in Kent Stephens' 1977 book on the Diamond Match Co., Matched, Flumes, and Rails, of Roma Wine Co.'s ex-PFE reefer CDLX 297.  Diamond Match Co. bought eight Roma Wine Co. cars from F. L. Bottsford and rebuilt six into flat cars.  The other two cars were not repainted.

Brian Leppert
Carson City, NV