Unloading 1936 Studebaker bodies from a boxcar?

Doug Auburg

This picture is labeled 1936 Studebaker Los Angeles assembly plant (which it may be) but it looks to me as if they are unloading the bodies from a box car so I thought I’d share it.




Doug Auburg


Bill Parks

Doug -

If I remember my Studebaker history correctly, you are correct, they would be unloading the bodies at the LA plant.  The bodies were built in South Bend Indiana, then shipped by rail to LA for final assembly.

Bill Parks
Cumming, GA
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maynard stowe

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Maynard Stowe


There used to be a Studebaker plant on the Los Angeles Junction Ry in Vernon CA, not LA proper. Here's an image of autos (Studebakers ?) in a Santa Fe gondola Looks like they are loaded without front ends like in Doug's image.

Andy Jackson
Santa Fe Springs CA

Andy Laurent

The image that Andy Jackson posted (and the original boxcar photo) show Studebaker bodies being shipped to the LA assembly plant.  The autos did not have frames, drive train, or front end panels...they stopped at the firewall.  That all came together at the assembly plant.  The pre-WWII models seemed to ship in boxcars, postwar (larger) bodies moved in ATSF gondolas. There used to be a wonderful collection of railroad-related images on South Bend's history by Tom Kepshire (moved to monon.org after his death), but it seems to have been shut down in 2018.  Here is a link via The Internet Wayback Machine, with plenty of associated information and freight cars!

Andy L.
Madison, WI