Above is a shot of an Exacta rail UP B-50-15 flat car.  I purchased the model at Naperville sub sequent to a presentation by Exacta rail.  The model was very well done and needed onl a few upgrades.  These included tiedowns between the stake p;ockets and brackets for the air hoses.  I have questions on the arrangement
of the brake components.  I have tried here and on otgher venues without success.  I even contacted Exactarail for their research on this era and was told that they could not release it.

I will start by saying that the train line on these cast underframes ran up the canter of the center sill entering just behind the trucks.  My main copncern is the placement of the Royal brake regulator.  I have added this feature to many models (mostly Santa Fe) and the ;placement has always been on tyhe side opposite the brake 
lever.  It might be placed on the opposite side of the center sill due to the location of the brake reservoir.  I weould like to get some sort of confirmation prior to compleating the car.  The lever and rod to the trucks is not represented on this model.  That should come through the center sill just oppossite the brake regulator.
I hope someone might be able to share some light on this.  I hate to guess on something like this as my betting average on guesswes is very low.

Thanks for any help:

Bill Pardie