For Throwback Thursday: Santa Fe express boxcar 4155

Richard Scott

For Throwback Thursday I’m posting this photo of my new O‑scale Santa Fe express boxcar, a recent pandemic project.  It started out as an automobile car that the late Jim Pierce built from a vintage Athearn kit.  I bought it from Jim and ran it for thirty years before rebuilding it as an Fe‑24 express car.

During the rebuild I stripped the car’s silk-screened sides, replaced its rough stamped metal doors and roof walks with scratchbuilt parts, and added bracket grab irons and brake hoses.  I painted it with Scalecoat and Floquil enamels, and lettered it with Protocraft decals.  This livery was applied to Santa Fe’s 300 Fe‑24 express cars from 1943 until 1958.

I have an album featuring some of my freight car models on the first page of our photo section.  These cars are all O scale and include everything from scratchbuilds to modified RTR cars.  I hope you will enjoy looking through them.

Dick Scott


James Brewer

A very nice looking car!

Jim Brewer

Mark Kapka


Another fine work of art. As always.

Mark Kapka

Todd Sullivan


That's a really nice 'conversion' from the old Athearn metal kit.  When I first got into the hobby as a 14 year old, the first kits I built - or tried to build - were some HO Athearn metal boxcars.  NH (my home road in Providence RI) and RI were the first two, I think.  Not easy kits to build properly, with all the interlocking metal parts, screws, roof rib forming, etc.  Coupler attachment was problematical, too - Kadee No. 4s in a draftgear box that was also the end of the centersill.  Whew!

I think you have created a silk purse out of something else.

Todd Sullivan