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Gatwood, Elden J SAD



Thanks for the fabulous photo!  I have not seen that one.  Wonder how the tank car ignited?


I saw a lot of burnt cars on the PRR during childhood.  Hot steel and wooden parts don’t mix. 


There was a burnt gon for years on an unused siding I saw regularly while raifanning.  I had a pic but lost it from a flood.


Thanks again!


Elden Gatwood


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Wood floors; flaming journal boxes? :-D

I saw flames passing by under a box car once, in the late 1970's in Ann Arbor, on a
Penn (old Michigan) Central freight along the Huron River.

Of course, who knows what started this particular fire?

I've attached Edward Kindig's fire photo for your enjoyment.

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I’m sorry if we discussed this before, but I may have missed it.


What was the story behind this burning box car?


Does anyone have any photos of burning freight cars they can share?




Elden Gatwood



Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts