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Gatwood, Elden J SAD

Thanks for the pic, Mike!


I only saw some Monon coke cars when I visited relatives in Indiana.  They looked different from anything else.


No, sadly, I never saw them in Pittsburgh, but I haven’t stopped looking!


Elden Gatwood


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Mont might be in his basement working on sweet freightcar models instead of looking at his computer, so I will send along a Monon coke car photo.  The car in the photo was rebuilt from a low-sided composite gon with a super-structure added  If you look closely you can see where the side stakes bolted to the frame.  Others were rebuilt from boxcars.  As Mont related, these caught fire every so often, so the car series changes over time.  In my late 40s time period there were 4 series numbered 900-1039.

Do you ever see any of these Monon cars in your photos of Pittsburgh?

Best Regards,

Mike Aufderheide