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Early on, Greg himself was confused about roof types on different classes.  We had a series of discussions and photo swaps and such, until we had hashed out most of the details.


You all know the story now.  The answer is X29B had only a simple diagonal panel roof; X29D had the overhanging diagonal panel roof.


If you want additional details, I will dig that data back up.


Elden Gatwood



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Hi Mike--Are you sure about Greg Martin's car having a Murphy panel roof? Here is a photo of his car.


There has been no evidence that any PRR X29b's had anything other than a diagonal panel roof.

Two crossbearers under the doors is correct.

The PRRT&HS e-magazine The Keystone Modeler back in August 2006 had an article about a simple Branchline shell/Red Caboose underframe kitbash. Please contact me offlist at stevehprr"at"cox"dot"net if you want additional info.
Steve Hoxie
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