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Gatwood, Elden J SAD



The X29B all had the simple diagonal panel roof with no overhang.  They also had the original X29 crossbearer arrangement, and revised AB brake arrangement shown on the attached.


Do you need brake equipment?


Elden Gatwood



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I was reading the two part series on the X29B from the 11-12/92 issues of Mainline Modeler. There are a couple of discrepancies between the two articles. In the first Greg Martin went the extra mile to model the car with a Murphy roof while the plans in Martin Lofton's follow up show diagonal panel. I would think that given the 1948-50 build period that the roof changed halfway through, do we know the numbers? Second, Greg Martin's model was built with four heavy crossbearers, while the plans show just two (the two that Greg installed at the edges of the door weren't there). Which is correct? 

Mike Clements
Wakefield, MA