partial view of a WFEX reefer, possibly 63856, in the 1920s on SAL

Claus Schlund \(HGM\)

Hi List Members,
A partial view of a WFEX reefer, possibly 63856, in the 1920s on SAL. This must have been quite early in the formation of WFE, no?
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Claus Schlund

Larry Goolsby

Do you have the location and a more exact date?  Looks like maybe West Lake Wales - at any rate, somewhere on the Miami extension, which was opened in 1925. 


Sean Murphy

Pretty early on for sure. WFE was created in 1923 which from the condition of the car would likely place the photo at the end of the decade, if not later. An SAL fan would have a better idea based on the locomotive and location.