[EXT] [RealSTMFC] Soo Line #44500-45098 Series Boxcar #44500-45098

Bruce Smith


I would concur with others who have said that this not really an "extreme" weathering job. Rather it looks to me to be a hard-working steam era freight car nearing its appointment with the paint shop. And it looks good!

Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

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We'll call this one "Weathering Gone Wild". I usually prefer to understate weathering, but this undec Accurail was a convention door prize, and other than a few detail modifications, served as a test bed for some extreme weathering. In the old days, I can remember most passing trains having at least one of these paint derelicts.
The car models the Soo Line #44500-45098 series (even numbers only). Decals are K4.
Bob Chapman