Seeking Information On HO Truck Components.


My railroad activity for the past few days was preping a group of trucks for current projects.  This involved bead blasting the sideframes and brake shoe assemblies, painting them, painting the wheel sets (rust axels and wheel backs and black faces) and stippiling Pan Pastel on the faces.  The trucks included Tahoe, Red Caboose, Kadee, Bowser, Accurail and Rapido.

Tahoe and Kadee feature neat clip on brake shoes and beams.  A while back I was fortunate to acquire  quantity of Tahoe units which easily  adapt to most trucks.  The exception is Red Caboose.  They would require major surgery.  Does anyone know of a unit that would work on these trucks?

Bill Pardie

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Bernd Schroeder

Hello Bill and all, 

rhe answer depends on the problem:

1. the truck bolster is too wide for the branke hanger part: try Kadee #441 or #442

2. the truck bolster is too high for the brake hanger part: file down the underside of the bolster near the truck side frames until it fits

1. and 2 might be combined too...

Adelsdorf, Germany

Dave Parker


Dan Smith provided me with two tricks to upgrade the Red Caboose trucks, one to make them rigid, and the other to adapt the Kadee shoes to them.

Suggest contacting him off-list and seeing if he will provide you with same.
Dave Parker
Swall Meadows, CA