All SOLD: New run of HO Rio Grande Oil Company tank car decals

Andy Carlson

Thanks, these have all been sold.
-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

Found on the cover, a photo on Ted Cullota's book "Focus on the Freight car, vol 10", of a 1935 photo of a West Coast gasoline company tank car. Cover picture was taken in Los Angeles.

I had a special run for the colorful RIO Grande tank car and I now have a few sets I am offering for sale. These are a new run. These were designed to specifically fit a Tangent Models type 17 GATC 10000 gallon tank car.

I received a list of RGOX Co numbers for GATC type 17 10K tank cars. The RGOX #234 will only do a number 234, as each decal has the black boardered red lettering specifically for one car.
I am offering the following sets:

R.G.O.X. # 201 have one
RGOX   # 210 have one
RGOX   # 215 have one
RGOX   # 216 have one
RGOX   # 226 have one
RGOX   # 240 have one

R.G.O.X. # 234 have four

Proof art for the tank car decals
Inline image

Each set has just single numbers. The cover image is of RGO #234. If you want two decals, select from the list of available sets.Inline image

Inline image
Inline image

Offered for $10/set, which includes shipping to the US. I accept checks and PayPal (with a small fee).
-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA