Verrrry slightly OT (was MTC 71979)

Nolan Hinshaw

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When I saw MTC in the Subject line my aged brane immediately went gaga over the Molino Timber Company out of Aptos, CA, a 30 inch gauge line which seems to have been a subsidiary of the Loma Prieta Lumber Company's 36 inch gauge line which interchanged with the South Pacific Coast (See Bruce McGregor's books) in Aptos. The delightful aspect of that pike was the 1912-vintage 10 ton Shay (CN 2590, with crankcase!) which hauled flats loaded with shingle bolts to the head of an incline from sites along China Ridge and Hinkley Ridge in the Santa Cruz Mountains. My books are less than accessible, but my memory sez that those flats could have run on trucks from the likes of Orenstein-Koppell (possible conflation alert).

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