Photo of prototype GN 40' stock car series 55318

Andy Carlson

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Hello everyone-
I recently restored some patterns I made for the Great Northern's rebuilt-from-boxcars 40' stock cars. The 55200-55450 series, totaling 250 cars, were rebuilt from 31000 series of single sheathed box cars in 1958. Not a significant rebuild in that almost all of the 1925 built car's parts were retained. The wood siding was replaced with wooden slats and the steel 5/4/5 pre-war Youngstown steel doors were modified into top hung with 12 oval slots cut into the door.

Photos in color are found in Scott Thompson's GN box car and stock car 4-ways west book.

I have two of these resin casting sets and are ready for shipping now. Each contains the following:

1) Pair of stock car sides
2) pair of slotted steel doors
3) One 3/5 early Dreadnaught 'A' end with lumber door
4) One 3/5 early Dreadnaught 'B' end
5) One underframe with floor boards and stringers and bolsters
6) 2 slight fish belly center sills
7) 2 Pivoted Murphy flat roof halves with running board brackets
8) 5 roof support cross-ties
9) 1 set of CDS Vermillion Red Slant Serif lettering dry transfer

Not included are components the builder will need to supply. No couplers, wood running boards AB brake gear, Universal Hand Brake are also not included. Recommended trucks are Tahoe Model Works Dalman 2-level. Adding the bottom bars from the bottom of the journal boxes to the side frames will mimic an Andrews Dalman 2-level. Some of these cars had replacement self-aligning spring plankless double truss trucks also offered by Tahoe.

I will include one Red Caboose X29 wood running board. The builder will need to sand the screws and re emboss new screw dimples.

I am offering this pair of Great Northern stock cars for $59 each car, which includes shipping to within the US. I accept checks and money orders. With a small fee PayPal is welcomed.

The photo is of a recent in-progress assembly using these parts.
-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

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