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Ron, Group;


I have the data & drawings, for the P&L changes, but am currently not able to download by class; to note, it was not as simple as “April 1954”, for example.  It rolled out slowly for many different classes.


I was unaware there were dates of adoption on-line.  I am curious to see how accurate it is, because I know only a handful of people who know.


Also, depending on when certain classes were scheduled for a rebuilding campaign, you saw a lot of cars in those classes repainted into Shadow Key.  There being major rebuild campaigns for X29 and subclasses, X31-33, and H21, for example, you got a lot of new P&L in there.  Others were slower getting new P&L.


Elden Gatwood


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OK, got it.  I think there's a summary of the dates of adoption of those paint schemes on line, but what I was more interested in is whether there was an effort to repaint as many cars as possible, or if there was minimal repainting for other than, for instance, wreck repairs, during that late 50s period.

I have photo evidence of how the maintenance of freight cars went, for cars that were more at home in the midwest, but Pennsy cars were less common here so I didn't see that many or know of many that were photographed in Kansas.  I have a decent shot of PRR 605415, which I think is an X29L, on the MP in 1970.  Not quite sharp enough, or maybe my scan wasn't a high enough pixel count, to read the shop data.

Ron Merrick