Photo: PRR Merchandise Service Boxcar 37007

Benjamin Hom

Scott MacDonald wrote:
"Thank you for that color photographs!  That is a much browner red then what I had envisioned.  Would that be Tusc[a]n Red? Pretty car with fresh paint.  That had to be labor intensive to paint."

As Bruce Smith pointed out, the base color for this paint scheme (MS1 in Brady McGuire's lexicon) is Freight Car Color (FCC); however, note that the "MERCHANDISE SERVICE" lettering and background to the Keystone are in Toluidine Red, which is a different color than FCC. 

"I found some old Champ decals for the second version with the all white stripe in case I chicken out with the aluminum strip[e] ones.  The Champ description says that started in 1950 so hopefully that's accurate."

Careful - the Devil is in the details.  The simplified all white stripe scheme (MS2) was applied only to various Class X29 boxcars from January 1950 - May 1954.  No 50 ft cars received this scheme. 

"After my misadventures with the New Haven Bill Board decaling a Youngstown door makes be nervous."

Avoid decaling the door!  Paint the wide stripe instead, and decal only the trim (or paint those as well).

Ben Hom