W.R.T. 6029

Richard Townsend

I am looking at a claim for wine missing from W.R.T car 6029. This is from 1909 and involved a shipment from San Francisco to Denver. Can anyone provide me with information on this car? Like, who was the owner? Is that Western Refrigerator Transit? What kind of car was it? A reefer? Assuming it's from a block of cars built for the W.R.T. what were the numbers? Is there a diagram of photo of a car from this series? Thanks for any enlightenment you can provide.

Richard Townsend
Lincoln City, OR


Checked both 1909 and 1910 ORER's

No Western Refrigerator Tank line listed
There is a Western Refrigerator Despatch - all reefers with meat rails
a Wilcox Tank Line - turpentine

These were the only ones that looks possible

Howard Garner

Paul Krueger

Western Refrigerator Transit (WRT)) cars were acquired by Union Refrigerator Transit of Wisconsin (operated by ART at the time). From reading the entry in the 1905 ORER, the changeover happened September 1, 1903.

The ORER lists a 1001-1100 series of cars lettered for WRT. It doesn't mention any other WRT cars, but URT of Wisconsin did have a 6000-series listed. 

Paul Krueger
Seattle, WA