Photo: Rutland Boxcar (1956) (Added: Also New MEC PS-1)

Ed Hawkins

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Photo: Rutland Boxcar (1956)
Photo from the Pullman Library:
Sorry, the coverage of my small library of Equipment Registers does not contain information on this car.
Bob Chaparro
Hemet, CA

The car in the photo, Rutland 378, was one of 101 PS-1 box cars, series 300-399 & one replacement car no. 223, built 8-56 in P-S lot 8300 at the Pullman-Standard Michigan City plant. Each car came with 8’ door openings & Pullman doors, Universal hand brake, Apex Tri-lok running boards & brake step, and A-3 Ride Control trucks. 

Approximately 22 years ago Kadee offered an accurate model of this exact car number (Kadee #5119). More recently about 5 years ago was Rutland 345 from the same series (Kadee #5256). Both are discontinued, i.e.; sold out at Kadee. 

On an unrelated mention, the Kadee web site is showing the release of 40’-6” PS-1 box car MEC 6730, series 6500-6749, built 10-47, P-S lot 5877. It’s one of just 8 lot numbers of the early 40’-6” PS-1 box cars having the Pullman welded roof, 6 lots of which match-up to available Kadee car bodies with either 6’ or 7’ door openings & 10-panel welded sides. The two other lots came with 12-panel welded sides. 

Full disclosure: While I do assist Kadee Quality Products with projects from time to time, I am not affiliated with the company in any way.
Ed Hawkins