Latitudinal Running Board Hand Holds; was A few period boxcar roofs 1948 St Louis

Guy Wilber

On Aug 22, 2021, at 2:04 PM, Ken Adams wrote:

“Just an observation on the positioning bend of the hand rails on the lateral running boards in the pictures. Most appear to be at least one full board in from the edge of the car roof.  Was there an MCB/AAR specification for the location.”

As Dave Parker pointed out the dimensions were governed by the US Safety Appliance Act.  Attached is the revised 1937 AAR Plate 1517-C showing the position of the “Roof Hand Hold” on the “Latitudinal Running Board”.  

The earlier ARA Plates (1923 & 1932) show nearly the same set backs though the 1923 hand hold was shown as 19-1/2” (wide) x 20-1/4” (long).  The AAR’s Plate 1541-C for metal latitudinal running boards shows the same dimensions as Plate No. 1517-C.


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