16 Sunshine Models Kits FS


I'm selling a number of Sunshine Models kits for a friend.  All models are new in the box.  Here are the models that are available:
1.     L&N XM-1 #91.12 
2.     L&N 36' rebld #85.1
3.     Swift 5200-series w/War Bonds lettering #24.29
4.     NC&StL 36' XM32 stl reblt. #97.4
5.     SAL XM-1 boxcar #91.10
6.     NP 9480 series arched boxcar #77.5
7.     Swift 2500 series meat reefer #24.31
8.    MoP 36' wood boxcar w/ 7-7 reverse Murphy steel ends #19.1R
9.    T&P 50000 series DS box Hutchins roof #52.13
10.  C&O 36000 series gon #67.44
11.  CNW 10'IH Viking Roof rebuilt 'Route of the 400' #64.58
12.  PRR X-37 1939-40 rebuild #44.1
13.   Ann Arbor 36' rebuilt boxcar murphy roof, indestructible ends, #85.2
14.   GRR/A&WP XM-1 boxcar murphy roof & ends, wd doors #91.17
15.   SP B-50-15, 14480-15229 series #38.1
16.   SP B-50-15 Viking roof, wood sides end doors #38.11
Price is $60 each, please add $5.00 shipping for each.  While $60 might sound like a lot, it beats eBay prices.  I saw that Frisco car go for $90 on eBay just yesterday.
If you’re interested, contact Golden1014@... OFFLINE with the model (s) you want.  First Come, First Served.  Give me a day to reply and let you know if you were first.
I’ll send you an invoice and then you will need to send a check to the owner in Florida.  No payments to me or PayPal.  The owner will send you the model.
John Golden