GN plywood side boxcars

Brian Carlson

Reviewing the article in RPC 19, it mentions the 1945 batch had National B-1, ASF A-3 Ride Control, or Barber Stabilized trucks. Has a breakdown on which cars had which type been found? I’ve acquired a Sunshine model of 44105 and am updating it a little. It’s currently on Athearn trucks.

I suspect the information does not exist since Pat would’ve put it in the article if he had it, but 11 years have passed since the article was written.

Brian J. Carlson

Brian J. Carlson, P.E.
Cheektowaga NY

John Monrad

According to GNRHS Reference Sheet No. 171, December 1990, plywood boxcars in series
44075-44174 (and 5 subsequent series in 44175-44899) rode on ASF trucks, noted on equipment diagrams to be A-3 Ride Control.

John Monrad
Blythewood, SC