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Gatwood, Elden J SAD

Michael and Group;


One of the coolest gons of all time was the G25 “Screw Car(s)”.


PRR didn’t much like their USRA cars, and they had wooden floors, and interior folding stake pockets, so it was an “easy” conversion.  Remember, the vast majority of PRR gons were then steel-floored.


They cut rectangular cut-outs in the flooring, for clearance of the blades, installed this cool pedestal to support it at the height the blades cleared the rail, but fit in overhead clearance, then rodded the whole mess to the top chord.  A cross-car rod was installed at each end to prevent buckling of the sides, and to prevent a screw from walking through the end😊


I don’t have details on what they had to do relocating brake gear underneath, but that’d be the least problem.  I think I figured it out at one point.


Bruce has committed to doing one of these for his WW2-era layout, right, Bruce?....Bruce?




Elden Gatwood



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Eric Hansmann just sent me a scan of the Westerfield USRA gon instructions, so I am good to go.

Thanks to Eric, Elden Gatwood, and others who offered advice, photos, or reference material.

Michael Gross
Pasadena, CA