[EXT] [RealSTMFC] Red Caboose GATX "Flying A" Tank Car

Bruce Smith


We have discussed the viable paint schemes for the Red Caboose welded tank car repeatedly on this list, with the latest iteration less than a month ago! While I realize the search function on Yehaw sucked, the search on groups.io works just fine. A quick "red caboose tank" would get you all the information you need 😉

Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

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My apologies if this topic has been covered before.  I've used the group search function and have searched the internet at large and I am unable to find the answer.

Is the silver GATX "Flying A" paint job  applied to the Red Caboose 103W tank car based on reality, is it a totlal foobie, or somewhere in between? I think the answer would fall into one of these three categories:

1. Complete fantacy paint scheme
2. Paint scheme existed, but not for this type of car
3. Paint scheme accurate for this car

Thank you for any assistance.


Wayne Cohen

With all due respect, I wasn't only asking if the paint scheme was correct for the Red Caboose car, but whether it was accurate for a different tank car.   I am well aware of the group search function and I DID use the group search function: I think I even noted that on my post.  Searching "red caboose tank" didn't answer whether the scheme was fantacy or not eiether, but Tony has since indicated that it is pure fantacy.