[EXT] [RealSTMFC] "Blaster"


I use a California Air Tools compressor for everything around the house. It’s far more than adequate for airbrushing, and works well for brad nailers, etc. when used at a modest pace. It’s not up to running an air impact wrench, for example. 

Mine is a similar version to the Lowe's link that mshepler posted below (mine has an aluminum tank, but minus details, it otherwise looks to be the same). I couple a 10 gallon passive tank in line with mine to allow some flexibility (portability for filling car tires, for example), longer times between compressor runs in mid-capacity use or more burst capacity for shorter bursts of air-hungry tools.

It’s quiet, but the vibration could potentially bother your neighbors if it’s sitting directly on a floor. Setting it on some vibration isolating material might make that possible issue moot. 

Incidentally, Menards also carries the same model, and I saw what I thought was a larger capacity version in the physical store the other day.

When I bought mine 8 or so years ago, they were only available from the manufacturer and Amazon. Now that you can find them at Lowes (and Menards), you have the option of easily returning it if it doesn’t work out. I’ve been very happy with mine and haven’t missed my 5hp 20 gallon compressor in the least. Would 1.2cfm at 90psi for an air blaster be enough with the extra capacity of a passive tank? I don’t know. 

Matt Goodman
Columbus, Ohio, US