SP A-50-9 series 68980-69229 (was: Help ID on SP DD 50' single sheathed boxcar)

Robert kirkham

Remembered where my copy of the SP Freight cars v. 3 auto boxcar and flat car book was.  I found the key spotting feature is the length of the under-door stiffened below the side sills.  So that makes this a photo of the A-50-9 cars, a lot of 250 cars of series 68980-69229 built in Sept- Nov 1928. 

I’m wondering if there are detailed photos of the cars anywhere?  Especially curious to know details of the underframe and whether the drawings for the A-50-10s, shown p.76, would be materially different on the earlier cars?  

Also, I wasn’t sure how to interpret the notes on the dimples used to mount the grab irons without intruding into the interior car space (drawing also p.77).  Were those used on the A-50-10 and A-50-11 cars only, or also on the A-50-9s?


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Thanks Tim - I didn’t pick up on the steel sides.  Makes it an even more do-able model.

The photo is of a series on the archives site showing the carrier in port at the end of the war.  (The other photos omit the SP car). Not certain what HMS Implacable's purpose was (Vancouver not really a naval port), although I do understand carriers were among the ships used to bring home POWs and other personnel.


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Neat picture. SP A-50-10 or A-50-11 all steel single sheathed automobile box cars built in 1930.

Oriental imported a brass model of the A-50-10 (with end doors).

Tim O'Connor

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I am hoping those of you who know the Souther Pacific auto-boxcar fleet can help with some information on the 50’ car shown under the underpass in this photo (October 1945).  Would like to know some information to assist in building a model - for starters, likely number series so I can look it up in the ORER, etc.  If there is an outline drawing with basic dimensions available for the car shown in this photo, would appreciate that too! A larger image can be had at: 433e1ede-68cf-43ef-9b9c-0eca526d6c01-CVA586-5634.jpg
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