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Tim O'Connor

With VERY few exceptions I have over my lifetime found that information about suppliers
from RETAILERS is to be heavily sprinkled with salt even if not met with total incredulity. :-D

Let's just say they are not generally apprised of whatever situation really exists including if
they claim to have heard it from the supplier or distributor.

The whole world runs on misinformation. It never ceases to amaze me. :-P

When Intermountain did their own injection molding, you could buy ANY of the parts runners
for ... 25 or 50 cents I forget now what I paid ... and you could buy bodies for a dollar or two.
I have a couple of boxes of stuff I bought to build cars with combinations of parts they didn't
offer as kits or RTR. And I bought a bunch of stuff for upgrading the C&BT reefers too.
That was the "Golden Age" of modeling -- it didn't last long. :-D

Tim O'Connor

On 1/28/2022 6:37 PM, Robert Ellis wrote:

Gentlemen: A few years ago, I called Intermountain about kits. What I was told was, at that time, all their production was being done in China.  Because of that, rather than maintain a stock of every product, they were running production in batches.  When they ran a batch of a particular prototype, they would save out some unassembled and undecorated kits, if demand warranted.  I presume the "reserve now" on their website is their way of determining demand.  If you've been waiting for four years, I guess they don't feel there's sufficient demand. 
      About a year ago, I asked the owner of the hobby shop where I do business to try to order some Intermountain kits. He told me that Intermountain was having trouble with their supplier in China, and that he couldn't get anything at all from them.  He said that, as far as he was concerned, they were virtually out of business.  Whether that was actually the case, and whether it still is, I couldn't say. That may also have been part of the reason for your long wait. 
      I have found Ebay to be an excellent source for plastic kits.  Intermountain, IMWX, Red Caboose, Branchline, C&BT, Proto 2000, you name it, you'll find it. Just enter a search, save it, and they will let you know when what you want becomes available.  I rarely have to wait more than a couple of weeks.  Hope this helps.  Bob Ellis. 

On Fri, Jan 28, 2022, 17:01 Ken Adams <smadanek44g@...> wrote:
I put in an order for undecorated 1958 Cu. Ft. 2-bay covered hopper kits over 4 years ago at my LHS and IM said they were reserving then.  I have the Protocraft decals for SP  a string of late 1940's cars waiting in case they ever show up.
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Tim, can you supply me with the ends to Intermountain's USRA single sheathed gon?