Delano paint comparisons .2

Robert kirkham

Here’s another Delano image & screen captures - this time, its also in Chicago in April 1943,

The interesting thing I am noticing is how observations about one car in one photo run contrary to observations about another car in another photo.   And likewise, between two cars in one photo.

For example, in the first post earlier this week ( , the paint on GN 1937 car shows little colour resemblance to GN truss rod car in the photo posted earlier today.   Maybe there is some commonality, but it's a stretch.  This GN car (next to a Rock Island car in the background) throws a third, quite different colour on the side sheathing.  Forget the idea of lighter value in this shot.

In the same way, the comments about the desaturated, light hue used on NYC in my email: aren’t born out in this photo (where NYC 262624(?) peaks out from ehind the IC gon and reefer.   Here, NYC freight car colour is a deep mineral boxcar colour.  

Likewise, the image of the Erie car in message 192617 showed some hints of its paint colour, but really leads to a different conclusion than emerges from this shot:


Here, the Erie car is showing more colour.  What little paint is on the B&O car in the foreground looks more bleached than the Erie car.  Comparing the Erie car with the IC autobox at right suggests the Erie paint is more brown than the the IC. 

But then compare the two IC autobox’s behind the B&O car.  Apart from the steel doors, they are very similar cars.  Yet the strongest resemblance between them is the colour of the filth, and one would get into difficulties the colour of either car was taken as standard:

Back to the drawing board, I guess . . .