F&C AC&F Mathieson Dry Ice Car was Dry Ice Corp reefer, DICX ?? 218? in May 1943

Allen Cain

The box states that it would fit up to 1960 but I cannot find it in the 1955 October ORER under the SHPX reporting marks included with the decals.

If this is correct are their decals available in HO which are correct for this car in 1955?

Allen Cain
Modeling The Southern RR in 1955 in HO Scale

Allen Cain
Modeling the Southern in 1955 in HO Scale


I have the General Arrangement drawings from AC&F of this car so it was definitely but by them.

I ordered one of these kits off of Ebay.  I will compare it to the drawings.  I looked at the photos of the Ebay kit and noticed the drawings indicate a miner lever hand brake not an Ajax.  Also the roof should have ribs where the seams meet.  Both of these should be easy fixes.  The underframe isn't even close to the General Arrangement drawings.  It has different cross members and the brake rigging is different.  The GA drawings call for leverage cams and other oddities for the time period.  Again certainly over comeable 

All that said I am excited to get the model.  It will build into a unique model.  Plus it's always a good day when new resin kits come out.

Scott McDonald 

Bruce Smith


I purchased one of the new F&C Mathieson dry ice cars at the PRRT&HS Annual meeting this week and since it does not include very much prototype data, I was curious to learn more about these cars!

For example, the box indicates 1938 as the earliest date, but the decals seem to show 1942 as a build date for one car, and 1946 for another. 

Given the SHPX markings on the early kit, is it reasonable to think the that car was built by AC&F?

Bruce Smith

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