Santa Fe BX-38


Hi Tom:

I don't have any information on the Bx38 but have some experience with the Bx-37.  I have two of the Bx-37 cars.  One is anIntermountain car that features the small herald.  The second is a Sunshine car that I bought completed at a Santa Fe meet.

The Sunshine car had the large herald and this was so noted on the box.  I had a number of photos of the Bx-37 none of which had the large herald. I wanted to validate thus and contacted several Santa Fe experts and posted the question on the STMFC list.  Nobody had heard of this.  

Several years later I was looking for something else and came across a Richard Hendrickson article on war emergency boxcars in Mainline Modeler and lo and behold there was a photo of the car.  No information was given save for pointing out the large herald.  I came to think that this was a "one of" created on a repaint where they did not have 
a small stencil.

Hope all is well.

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