F&C B&O Wagontop Covered Hopper build instructions

Bob Morningstar

I got a Funaro & Camerlengo B&O Wagontop covered hoopper kit off of eBay.  The supposedly New In Box was not so New In Box.  No instructions.

Does anyone have a pdf or scan of the instructions?  I emailed the vendor a while back repeatedly and haven't heard a word.  No option to download instructions from the vendor's website.

I tried the B&O Railroad Group a few months ago, no luck there.   I'd like to build this kit over the long weekend.

Thanks for reading this, bigger thanks if you have the instructions!!

Take care,
Bob M.

Bruce Hendrick

Bob, I should be able to supply the directions. I’ll look for them.


Bruce Griffin


I will send you what I have this weekend. There was an article in the first B&O Modeler on modeling these cars.

Bes Regards,

Bruce D. Griffin
Ashland, MD



Bob--I have this kit, too. Also no instructions. It came from a friend who ran out of time to build it. The parts aren't even unfolded from the tissue. I doubt he removed the instructions.
Steve Hoxie
Pensacola FL