For Sale

Bill J.

T’is a painful time, downsizing.  Moving along a lifetime’s collecting. 

In the early 2000s, Westlake Publishing did 3 sets of annuals.  They are superb soft cover books, containing tons of inspiration and information.  I have 3 sets of their annuals, all in near-perfect condition:

[year] Modelers Annual, 2007 2013, 7 issues; 

[year] Narrow Gauge Annual, 2002-2014, 13 issues;  and

[year] Logging, Mining & Industrial Annual 2003-2013, 11 issues.

They need a new home.

They’re available on the used market, when you can find them.  Sellers want $19 for them.  I’ll take $9 each but only as a set.  That means $63 for the Modelers, $117 for Narrow Gauge and $99 for Logging.  OBO.  Plus shipping.  PayPal f&f is good.

Please contact me off line if you’re interested, jolitzwr  [at] yahoo   dotcom.  I'm posting this on a couple of different groups.


Bill Jolitz