Photo: The “Tuna Fish” Wreck

Bob Chaparro

Photo: The “Tuna Fish” Wreck

Photo from the Facebook Nunda (New York) Historical Society ( )


“This photograph of Dalton’s Tuna Fish Wreck in August 1958 was taken by local photographer Roy Gath.

NHS member and Erie Railroad expert Bill Burt has been working on an article on the accident and is looking for folks who have photos and/or story of the train wreck.  If you do, please share them here or message us - we will send you Bill's contact information. Thanks!”

Barbara Anderson commented:

“That was an absolutely unbelievable train wreck, our family lived one street over to the north.

We gathered up a tremendous amount of tuna fish in anything that you could carry. We had tuna fish for a long time.

If I remember correctly there was also a train car with bananas in it.

That was the talk of our small town of Dalton for many years after.

I was seven years old at the time and never seen anything like that before. Most of the people from Dalton were there.”

Diane Williams commented:

“My other half Dennis Bugman worked on that wreck. He recalled not only the cans of tuna but bags of almonds and disgusting animal hides.”

Bob Chaparro

Hemet, CA