Peacock Estate Auction


So that's where are the Sunshine kits went!!!  We miss ya, Frank.  John Golden

Keith Jordan

To All,


The late Frank Peacock’s Estate has been consigned for auction with Stout Auctions of Indiana. The auction will take place Thursday, June 16th. You can view the lots here:


In Frank’s estate, there are over 600 pieces of brass, over 1000 resin kits, and over 1700 plastic kits! Frank’s interests were not only in the railroads of the Southwest, but the Northwest and Southeast, too; steam, Diesel and of course, freight cars, and in three scales: O/P48, HO and S! The auction includes many parts and tools.


Stout’s website includes instructions for viewing and bidding. Please take a look. If you have other questions, you may contact me ckjordan at kc dot rr dot com. I will only respond to questions off list.


Please excuse the cross-posting of this notice to several lists.


Keith Jordan