Seeking Santa Fe Help


I have another question for the Santa Fe Gods.
Santa Fe converted some Bx-6 boxcars to ice service.   The cars were repainted gray at that time.  Were the trucks and underb I by also painted gray?

Thanks for any help:

Bill Pardie

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Bob Chaparro

Tony Thompson modeled a Santa Fe ice service car. I'm not sure if it was a converted Bx-6 but I am sure Tony did the prototype research.
Bob Chaparro
Hemet, CA


Santa Fe is well covered by exhaustive historical research.  Have you contacted the Historical and Modeling Society or John R. Signor about this?
Santa Fe Painting and Lettering Guide is one its 10th volume.
Chris Rooney

Tom Madden

The Santa Fe society's refrigerator car book, page 257, says the boxcars converted for ice service were painted "....the same colors as M-W cars. Battleship gray - entire car bodies, including underfame and trucks. Black - flexible metal-sheathed roofs and running boards, lettering. Mineral Brown - wood-sheathed roofs and running boards."

I took the attached photo of a former Bx-3 (or 6) at the Grand Canyon in September 1961. Roof color not obvious but everything else is certainly gray.

Tom Madden