Update: Rapido Santa Fe Rr-56 Mechanical Reefer

Bob Chaparro

Update: Rapido Santa Fe Rr-56 Mechanical Reefer

These are photos I took last week at the Santa Fe Railway Historical & Modeling Society convention in Overland Park, KS.

This HO scale model is in production, and I’ve seen photos of the reefer in the factory paint shop.

Look for deliver around August.

For background on this model: https://rapidotrains.com/ho-scale/freight-car/atsf-reefer.html

The prototype cars first appeared in 1955. Even today some of these cars serve on the BNSF as buffer cars and M-O-W cars, a role they also had on the Santa Fe.

These cars overlap the ice bunker refrigerator car era by twenty years and these mechanical reefers could be seen trains mixed in with the ice bunker cars.

This car is visibly the same as Class Rr-60 and Rr-61 mechanical reefers. Santa Fe converted many of these cars into Class Bx-165 and Bx-202 insulated boxcars.

Bob Chaparro


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