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I also was just communicating with Hubert. Before Collinsville I asked  him for a re-supply of the Soo decals he made for one of my gondola kits, but didn’t hear back. At the show he brought them by my table. I later asked him for 10 sets of the DRGW decals, he only had seven left. When we were settling up he realized that gon would also work for Rock and wanted a kit, but I had sold out. Last week he emailed for dimensions so he could make those decals. Over the weekend I sent him the file, but never heard back. 

Like others have said, he was a great story teller, and wonderful person. I will miss him. 

Dave Hussey 
Cannon and Company 

On Aug 8, 2022, at 8:23 PM, Tim O'Connor via groups.io <timboconnor@...> wrote:

Oh no!! I was just emailing back & forth with Hubert a couple of days ago. I am so sad to hear this. :-(

On 8/8/2022 10:34 PM, Charlie Duckworth via groups.io wrote:
I just learned Hubert Mask, owner of Mark Island decals, passed away this afternoon.  I know many of this list bought decals from him and I was fortunate to hang out with him at the Collinsville RPM and he did many decal sets for the MPHS. Hubert had a great time at the show.  He was a RI and ATSF special agent before he retired.  
Charlie Duckworth 
Omaha, Ne.

Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts