Westerfield kits for sale

Robert Heninger

I have the following Westerfield Models kits which I am selling as a lot:
1252 PRR G22b gondola
3301 USRA single sheathed boxcar, GET lettering (dimensional data only)
3320 MEC USRA single sheathed boxcar
5351 NWP/SP/T&NO S-40-5 stock car
8102 USRA mill gondola, NYC/PMcK&Y
8153 USRA mill gondola, NYC/P&LE
8155 USRA mill gondola, PRR G25b
8854 MP stock car
10157 Rutland 1924 double sheathed boxcar
10752 Modernized NYC stock car
11552 ATSF Sk-L/-M/-P stock car
12101 RI B-2 stock car conversion
12561 UP/LA&SL S-40-1 stock car
12663 SP S-40-2 stock car
12763 UP/OSL S-40-3 stock car
I am asking $300 for the lot, shipping included. That's less than $20 a kit. Please reply off-list to gn2059@... if you are interested. Thank you.
Bob Heninger
Minot, ND