WESTERFIELD MODELS Newsletter, Vol 11, No 3, SEPT, 2022


Hello Steam Era Modeler:
We are pleased to announce that Westerfield Models is releasing an older Kit Series that has been out of production for a while and some new detail parts.

The #11000 Series Kit:  GKa/GKb 46 FT Battleship Gondola for N&W is now available again. 
The Kit body has been rebuilt with One-Piece body including frame.  The first high capacity gondola, N&W built 750 GKa cars numbered 100000-100749 in 1914 for use at its new Lamberts Point rotary dumper. The cars were successful and in 1916 and additional 1,000 cars of class GKb numbered 100750-101749 were built.  Pilcher Trucks available from Labelle Models.  Decal Set Available.
Recommended Trucks: Pilcher 6 Wheel Trucks - Available only from Labelle Models #HO-528 (Labellemodels.com)
Our Kit cover all variations and lettering styles for the life of these cars.                                        
Operating Era:   1914 - 1930
AVAILABLE NOW.  Listed in Our Secure Model Store under "GONDOLAS".

11001      GKa/GKb 46 Ft Battleship Gondola, N&W                         $46

Now also available are our new Detail Parts:

Our newest HO release is Etched Metal Ladders for Pennsylvania RR X23 SS Boxcars and R7 Refrigerator Cars.  These etched brass parts will allow the modeler to accurately replicate the metal ladders on these PRR cars.  The ladders are available in a five rung version and a six rung version that modern FGEX and NX R7 reefers used.  The assembly of the ladders is very simple, requiring the bending of the ladder side stiles, placing in the included assembly tool and securing the rungs with ACC.  Detailed instructions with photos are included.

All of our PRR X23 Boxcars and R7 Refrigerator cars now come with these etched metal ladders. In addition, we offer  separately, three sets of the Etched Metal ladders in our Detail Parts section of our Website Secure Model Store.  Please see listings below.

AVAILABLE NOW.  Listed in Our Secure Model Store under "DETAIL PARTS".

Detail Part #10075:    PRR X23 Five Rung Etched Metal Ladder Set, Includes 4 Sets Ladders, Rungs, Tool & Instructions, for Kits #10001-10059, #10061-10062 (Requires 2 Sets), #11601-11653, 11663-11664.                                         $10 
Detail Part #11675:    PRR R7 Five and Six Rung Etched Metal Ladder Set, Includes 2 Sets 5 Rung and 2 Sets 6 Rung Ladders, Rungs, Tool & Instructions, for Kits #11661, FGEX-11662, NX.                                                                             $12

Detail Part #11690:    PRR R7 Six Rung Etched Metal Ladder Set, Includes 2 Sets Ladders, Rungs, Tool & Instructions, for Kits #11661-11662 or any FGEX wood sided Reefer in the 1940-50's era                                                                 $8

All of our items available directly from:
EMAIL:       westerfieldmodels @gmail.com
PHONE :     303-658-9343
When ordering, please indicate your payment method in the Order Comment Section.
Please note:  Shipping is not included in the item prices.

All of our Kits are available at our secure website: westerfieldmodels.com

Westerfield Kits include new HO scale unpainted urethane castings, and are complete with quality details, detailed instruction/history sheets
and proprietary decals covering all versions of the prototype car.   Trucks and couplers are not included but are available - See below.

We are almost out of the older brown Kit boxes but have found that there are 74 extra box tops.
These are available for $.75 each.
Send us an email if interested - we can add some to any order.  Ships flat.

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Thank you,
Andrew Dahm
Westerfield Models, LLC
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