Printed B&O M-27 Boxcar and B&O prototype trucks.

Bruce Griffin


Since we have had discussions about printed models, I wanted to share the work of a friend who has been doing great work in Proto48 and sharing with me in HO scale for B&O prototypes. The B&O M-27 class that was modified with a unique roof shape, dubbed a Mansard roof, to fit auto racks has been a sought after Sunshine model. I sold my unbuilt kit at a reasonable price to a modeler a few years back, no regrets. Recently I was asked if I wanted a HO printed version by this friend that I have been sharing prototype info with over the last two years. Of course I said yes. Photos are attached. He just printed the doors and latch mechanisms with the CAD work provided by another modeling friend. It looks pretty awesome. I will get it next week.

He also made B&O specific 50 ton trucks based on a 1951 drawling the railroad supplied to vendors (BORRHS Source). They work for him in Proto48, I am just starting to see if they will work in HO.  The bearing surface will be reamed with the “truck tuner” and I will see how it works. The casting has the B&O casting marks, very cool, and recreates a truck that was slightly different from those available in HO.

I share this not to say “good for me” but to stimulate the conversation about future prototype modeling. I am a little left behind, I foolishly chose not to take CAD classes in college.. I wonder if the prototype modeling future lies in trading or selling CAD files? If I want more B&O specific trucks, I buy the file and print it, instead of buying the part from a great merchant like Tahoe.  

Your insights are appreciated.

Bruce D. Griffin
Ashland, MD