SAL B7 Turtleback roof O scale boxcar kit - interest?

Jim King

(Some of you O scalers received an earlier email re: this offering.  If you replied to that, you can ignore this email.)


I am revisiting producing the Seaboard B-7 “Turtleback” roof boxcar in **O SCALE**.  Advancements in 3D printing over the past many months now allow me to print accurate, durable (flexible) parts that once would have been expensive/finicky etchings or require the kit builder to drills LOTS of holes, form brass strip, etc.


Even with upscaled CAD files (from S), several parts that would have been purchased from O scale parts sources will now be 3D printed in a durable/flexible, grey resin.  Custom-printed parts drastically reduce kit-building-time while adding a higher level of prototypical authenticity, compared to “close enough” when using commercially available parts that are generic in nature.  Some of you have seen what my printer is capable of spitting out … scale diameter ladder rungs and grab irons, for starters.  The SAL box would include printed parts for Ajax brake wheel/housing, platform, retainer valve and air line, grab irons, steps, corner Apex grid roof platform, and a 1-piece AB brake system (including piping and levers, but not brake rods).  The 1-piece body, underframe, and door patterns would be 3D printed, then cast in grey urethane just like previous kits.  Trucks not included.  Kadee 740s will be included if desired.


I’m targeting a production run of 50 kits.  This will be a limited run kit … once produced, the patterns will be stored, and the kit removed from the market.  You can see the S scale pilot model here:


Contact me OFF-LIST to ask questions, place a non-money-required reservation, etc.  Tell me how many you’d buy at a target price of $190 + postage (worldwide).  Remember:  YOUR vote is needed to see this project become a reality.


Jim King