NYC drop-side LCL container cars

nyc3001 .

The NYC leased 335 drop-side LCL container cars from LCL Corp from 1930-1949. In 1949, the Central purchased 59 of them outright and welded the side doors shut. 

This interesting group of cars seems to be somewhat well-documented compared to other more statistically-significant classes of NYC freight cars. They seem to show up with some regularity in consists according to, which is where the below photos are also from. They frequently appear in groups with other classmates or covered hoppers, usually carrying dolomite.

These container cars plus the more well-known air-activated cement container cars rebuilt from USRA steel gondolas seem to comprise the vast majority of the Central's open-top container cars.

As built:

Early in-service shot; notice the different colors of containers:

Some drop doors open: 

As rebuilt post-1949; notice the strange markings on the containers as well as the damage to the 5th container from the left:

-Phil Lee


Great post!  Interesting prototype for sure.

Scott McDonald