SOU Heavy Duty Depressed Center Flat Cars

Allen Cain

Class One Models is producing HO Southern Heavy Duty Depressed Center Flat Cars which are lettered in the later block style with the lube bar codes.

These were in the 50000 to 50001 series.  Only the first car 50000 had friction bearings while the others came with Hyatt roller bearings.  Attached is Southern drawing 31-F-79 for reference.

If we can furnish photos or artwork for them as released in 1953 they are interested in producing that style in a later run.

If you would forward materials to me off list I will see that a package gets to them.

Thanks for the help!

Allen Cain
Modeling The Southern RR in 1955 in HO Scale

Allen Cain
Modeling the Southern in 1955 in HO Scale

George Eichelberger


The SRHA archives contain all of the drawings for these cars. If you’ll send me their contact info, I’ll find out what they need.