Another car with no fascia

Dennis Storzek

In a recent message, I've noticed another example of a double sheathed car with no fascia, the metal roof being nailed directly to the car siding.

Dennis Storzek

Frank Hodina


Do you have a photo of the entire car?

Frank Hodina
Resin Car Works

Dennis Storzek

Frank, someone posted more info in the other thread:

Dennis Storzek


Yep, it is a Builders Photo with apparently mangled end grabs. 
Go figure.
RJ Dial

Mendocino, CA


Speaking as a working engineer, the factory mangling things is not as rare as one might wish. MIL-TFD-41 is often not followed. Then again, drawings often ask the nearly impossible, or fail to show things clearly. 

In other words, I bet most builders photos include a few goofs. This one's just not so subtle. Certainly the builders photos of the projects I've worked on had plenty of goofs....