[HO Scale 40 ft] PS-1 Models

Benjamin Hom

Dave Wetterstroem asked:
"Has anyone made a list of what manufactures have made PS-1 boxcars in HO scale and what attributes each model has?"

AFAIK, not recently, and not since additional PS-1 models have been released by MTH and Walthers.  (See my other post correcting Richard Townsend's list.)  This would be a worthy project for someone to take on.

Additionally, you can do a search of the list archives for a particular manufacturer's model.

"I am trying to build my fleet of C&O boxcars. I have the data on these, but don't know which model would be the closest for each series."

Regarding prototype PS-1 data, don't forget Ed Hawkins summary here:

This will at least get you started on what attributes you're looking for in a model.

Ben Hom