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Thanks for the side trip into Railroad Terminolgy.


Turns out that the question was raised by a faulty memory on the part of the researcher…he remembered “magazine” when the reference was “journal”….and the theft was of journal brasses.


A silver lining, though, was to be reminded that the Car Builders Dictionary and Cyclopedias that are available online do have very comprehensive definitions for many, if not most, terms used in railroading.   The only reference I found to “magazine” there was a box for coal above the combustion chamber of a stove…presumably as used to heat a car…and it would be a stretch that someone wanted to steal an integral part of a cast iron potbelly stove!!!



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  Magazine was a common term for a "large clip of ammo" such as the round 
ones that were used for Tommy Guns.
  Magazine was also used for "the place where you store ammunition".

  Both of these terms were in common use during WW-II ... and before? ...
and into the fifties.
                                                        - Jim who is back in the PNW