Westerfield ORER's for sale

Tim O'Connor

For $10 each including postage in USA.

If interested contact me DIRECTLY timboconnor@...

I have theĀ  1-1940, 7-1950, 1-1955, 1-1959, 1-1965 ORER scans from Westerfield.
These are on CD-ROM with JPEG or TIFF (1965 only) files for each page. Each page
is generally titled with the railroad or reporting marks applicable to that page. (All-In-One
printers often come with software that will convert a large collection of JPEG files into
a single PDF document, so you can do that too.)

What I did was to download the CD-ROM contents to my hard drive, which makes them
always available. Also the file names can be altered if desired (once on the hard drive), which
can make it easier to find stuff you want to remember. Of course I am keeping my hard
drive copies so I'm not losing anything. Just passing them on to someone who needs 'em :-)

I also have a 1975 ORER PDF document. I can share that for free via Dropbox (86 MB)
It is not OCR searchable, but it is pretty complete, and the 1975 edition has all of the railroads and
car owners in alphabetical order, which really helps speed up access.

Tim O'Connor
Sterling MA

Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts