Speaking of Car Builder Cycs

Tim O'Connor

I have a 2 (two) CD-ROM set of the 1940 (#17) and 1957 (#20) Car Builder Cyclopedias
in PDF format. They are huge files (combined over 600 MB) of medium resolution quality and
are not OCR (i.e. not text searchable). But they're handier than the books and of course can be
downloaded to your hard drive. :-)

These were scanned years ago from a fellow at Naperville who has since passed on, and he only
sold them for a short time... I remember him but not his name - He had some custom GTW decals
and gave a presentation on his Lake Michigan car ferry operation...

Anyway, 20 bucks including postage and it's yours. Direct email inquiries only please!

*Tim O'Connor*
*Sterling, Massachusetts*

George Eichelberger

As info:

Frank Peacock’s extensive collection of Cycs and RERs are now in the Southern Railway Historical Assn. (SRHA) archives at TVRM. If time permits, we will prepare a complete list at this weekend’s work session. The collection is quite large as Frank’s books have been added to the Cycs and RERs donated by various individuals and Norfolk Southern.

His only “condition” was that they not be sold and would be available for research. Both requests will always be honored.